Social Tourism for sustainability


Social Tourism is the pioneer concept of community-based tourism and its main focus is to build high quality relationships between the hosting country and the visiting tourists by providing an opportunity for tourists to combine travel with contribution to a social cause that is close to their hearts. Social tourism enables guests to discover local habitats and wildlife and to celebrate local traditional cultures and their wisdom while at the same time to contribute to community development and to help create sustainable communities that are economically, environmentally and socially healthy and resilient. Moreover, social tourism encourages the preservation of communities’ natural and cultural heritage by helping to increase awareness of community members to the commercial and social values of these treasures., Social tourism can therefore be referred to as the travelling for social wellbeing.

Social Tourism Development and Research Foundation (STDRF) aspires to make social tourism an integral 2part of the Nepalese tourism industry and strongly believes in allowing people to travel in a cost effective, affordable way by becoming community guests. Nepal, though riddled with deep-rooted gender, caste and geographical discriminations is a natural wonderland for world travelers, and as such it is a world-class travel destination. Social tourism in general and STDRF in particular hold an enormous potential for social transformation in this Himalayan country by encouraging active participation of marginalized sectors of the population in the transformation process alongside the tourists/community guests. Furthermore, since we are deeply concerned with the quality level of social tourism in Nepal, STDRF has included a crucial component of ongoing research and development, monitoring its activities and constantly seeking improvement.

4STDRF is an autonomous, national, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization that is focused on community-based tourism. The organization was established on March 23rd, 2012 by enthusiastic, likeminded and dedicated socially aware individuals from different walks of life with the sole motivation of enhancing social welfare and improving the livelihood of Nepalese communities while at the same time establishing strong relationships with world travelers. We believe that social tourism can lead to social prosperity and in turn social prosperity will attract more social tourists. Let us all work together for the growth of social tourism and help us contribute to the social development of this beautiful Himalayan country, Nepal.

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