Social Tourism has been the pioneer concept in building up a quality relationship among the host and the visiting tourists. In fact a community based tourism; it enables tourists to discover the local habitats, wildlife along with the celebration of traditional cultures with wisdom. It is not only a travel but also cause associated with the travel, which makes the community aware of the commercial and social value placed on their natural and cultural heritage, and it encourages the community to conserve these resources. Therefore, we say that the travelling for a social well-being is social tourism.

The prime objective of Social Tourism Development and Research Foundation (STDRF) is to make social tourism as an integral part of tourism business in Nepal. It has huge potentiality in this Himalayan country. There is no doubt that it should be in the forefront of Nepalese Tourism Industry. We are deeply concerned about the research and development of social tourism concept in Nepal. The country, though with deeply rooted gender, caste and geographical discrimination is still a natural wonderland for the world community. STDRF is committed to bring a social transformation through the participation of these marginalized sectors through the method of participatory tourism.

STDRF believes on a simple concept: Let people travel in cost effective, affordable got-a way. STDRF is an autonomous, purely national level non-governmental, non-profitable organization focused on community based tourism. The initiation of enthusiastic, like minded and dedicated social workers from the different corners of life led to the establishment of this Foundation on 23rd March 2012 with a sole motive of enhancing social welfare and improving the livelihood of community. We are self-motivated with our concept, which says that Development leads to social prosperity and social prosperity establishes through social tourists. Let us work together for the growth of social tourism and contribute in the social development of this beautiful Himalayan country.